Friday, July 13, 2007

Road Warriors make 2 moves before starting 2nd half

All Star Catcher Sandy Aracena was activated from the inactive list today. Aracena was placed on the list for the final few days of the first half, to leave the team and see his family. To make room on the roster, for Aracena, SP Cody Harkcom was released. Harkcom went 1-7 in 13 starts with a 7.65 ERA for the Road Warriors. Harkcom was second on the Road Warriors with 35 walks (while striking out only 28). In addition, Harkcom also tied teammate Chris Eickhort's record of 13 wild pitches in a season. Eickhorst set the record in 2006.

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Babygirl said...

Yep, he came home to see his family :-)